Mission Statement

The Reforestation Forum is provided by ArborGen as a resource for the forestry community. It is a place for those in the industry — including private landowners, forestry consultants, tree planters, academics, researchers, civil servants, and others — to share thoughts and ideas for mutual benefit.

ArborGen is the world's leading integrated developer, commercial manufacturer and supplier of advanced forestry seedlings with operations in the U.S., Brazil, and Australasia. We’ve built our reputation on two pillars: our forestry knowledge (the best scientific data and experienced staff) and customer service (being a true partner and acting with integrity).

This online forum is yet another way for us to expand on both those fronts: to engage in ongoing conversations with you and your peers, to understand your current situations and needs, to share advice from our depth of data and experience, and to develop products and services which can benefit you individually and the future of forestry overall.